Explanation & Justification of sound used

By definition diegetic sound is the actual sound that we hear when we recorded something whereas non-diegetic sound is sound that has been added from other sources to the video such as sound effects which is added to a video showing a particular scene.

Actually, the only best way to take pleasure in viewing movies at a cinema or home is by having the fitting audio to go along with it. Imagine watching an action movie without the adrenaline or action-packed sound.

My video advertisement was based on headphones, so there was no speech in the video, all description and message were written as the video proceeds, so non-diegetic sound was used so as to let it correspond with the video and type of message I am passing to the audience.

During the shooting of the Echo headphones video advertisement, a background sound was implemented. The sound added at the background is a song “Gotta Have It” from the music album “Watch The Throne” by Kanye West and Jay-Z. Both artists are American rapper. The reason I decided to use this song for my background music was simply because it really portrays how the Echo headphones work with good, bumping bass and sound quality.

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