Storyboard & Video Advertisement

During this week, the storyboard and the video advertisement was created for the Echo headphones. Several researches were carried out so as to know how advert videos are created for headphones. And also an extensive research and learning on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effect by watching several YouTube video. A digital video camera was borrowed from the school library to start off work. Moreover I made arrangements for some colleagues in school to assist me at the video shoot.

The storyboard was sketched out on a piece of paper. A storyboard is used to brainstorm and capture all the ideas before taking action. It is the process of visual thinking and planning, placing ideas on the storyboard and then arranging the components of the storyboard. This fosters more ideas.

All the video scenes were taken at the Middlesex University, where some colleagues of mine played some roles in the video. After finished shooting the videos, the video files were all imported into Adobe Premiere Pro, where I made changes and cut some unwanted scenes. Moreover I arranged the scenes according to the story behind the advert and according to the storyboard. I also added some transition effects such as black fading and blurry images at some points by using editing tools on the selected file. An outro was also created using Adobe Photoshop, the Echo headphones poster picture was imported into the outro composition, also texts were added.

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