The promotional posters

Promotional poster

Promotional poster
Promotional poster 2

Promotional poster 2


Promotional poster 1

Promotional poster 1


The company logo



During this week, the promotional posters were created. The reason I decided to create more than one promotional poster was simply because to let the consumers know that anybody can use our product either male or female and no matter their age.

The pictures above are the promotional posters. Some of the pictures are uploaded here beside the logo and the two promotional posters. The Facebook page was also created for Echo headphones product to be able to reach our customers to see some of our Echo headphones and to be able to comment on the product. The product has already been posted on the Facebook page and we are already getting positive and negative feedback and ideas from our beloved customers.

The creation of the storyboard for the video advertisement has also been put into consideration after watching several videos of other competitors and will be completed next week.

1 Comment

  1. prince adegbehingbe

    I do really love this promotion posters and again… You are so creative “Doug Adegbehingbe Adekunle” Thumbs up!!! Good work & safe.

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