The second week activity

The main point of this project is to create an advertorial of an electrical device consisting of two earphones held in position by a flexible metallic strap passing over the head. It is going to be a headphone audio that has an outstanding sound quality. The name of the company’s name is Echo. The reason I chose this name was simply because I wanted something related to audio, sound effect, music and I think that the name is alright. The idea is not to exhibit or display the product but to send the message to our valued customers that our headphones is not just any other headphones out there in the market but to let them know that there is a new and outstanding product out there. This blog is also going to give us the opportunity to promote our products to the public. The promotional poster is going to be on bill boards, bus stations, malls. And there will be an advertisement video that shall be uploaded on YouTube. Both promotional poster and advertisement video will also be placed on facebook, twitter and other social media networks.

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