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New program at Pakris Energy Limited

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social media logos for project


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This was the week in which all the project was finished. The components made available on the web blog are the links below.


Facebook comments

Facebook comments


Twitter tweets

Twitter tweets


YouTube video advert

YouTube video advert




Explanation & Justification of sound used

By definition diegetic sound is the actual sound that we hear when we recorded something whereas non-diegetic sound is sound that has been added from other sources to the video such as sound effects which is added to a video showing a particular scene.

Actually, the only best way to take pleasure in viewing movies at a cinema or home is by having the fitting audio to go along with it. Imagine watching an action movie without the adrenaline or action-packed sound.

My video advertisement was based on headphones, so there was no speech in the video, all description and message were written as the video proceeds, so non-diegetic sound was used so as to let it correspond with the video and type of message I am passing to the audience.

During the shooting of the Echo headphones video advertisement, a background sound was implemented. The sound added at the background is a song “Gotta Have It” from the music album “Watch The Throne” by Kanye West and Jay-Z. Both artists are American rapper. The reason I decided to use this song for my background music was simply because it really portrays how the Echo headphones work with good, bumping bass and sound quality.

Storyboard & Video Advertisement

During this week, the storyboard and the video advertisement was created for the Echo headphones. Several researches were carried out so as to know how advert videos are created for headphones. And also an extensive research and learning on how to use Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effect by watching several YouTube video. A digital video camera was borrowed from the school library to start off work. Moreover I made arrangements for some colleagues in school to assist me at the video shoot.

The storyboard was sketched out on a piece of paper. A storyboard is used to brainstorm and capture all the ideas before taking action. It is the process of visual thinking and planning, placing ideas on the storyboard and then arranging the components of the storyboard. This fosters more ideas.

All the video scenes were taken at the Middlesex University, where some colleagues of mine played some roles in the video. After finished shooting the videos, the video files were all imported into Adobe Premiere Pro, where I made changes and cut some unwanted scenes. Moreover I arranged the scenes according to the story behind the advert and according to the storyboard. I also added some transition effects such as black fading and blurry images at some points by using editing tools on the selected file. An outro was also created using Adobe Photoshop, the Echo headphones poster picture was imported into the outro composition, also texts were added.

Placing the promotional posters on advertising objects

After creating the poster, there was a need to place the promotional posters on several advertising objects like buses, billboards, bus stations etc. Researches were made on how products are promoted using this medium. So I decided to go to different locations and take pictures of places, objects where posters are placed on.

After taking several pictures of these objects, I transferred these pictures and my created posters in Photoshop and placed the poster on the objects.

Bus advertisement

Bus advertisement

Bus station

Bus station

The reasons why the company Echo headphones decided to use buses and bus stations as a means of advertising their products was simply because large and impactful, hard to ignore and straight to the point – gets the advertiser’s message across to the consumer which is then remembered. Buses move and this movement draws eyes to the advertising it carries. Mobility makes it effective for targeting specific audiences and locations.

Bus reaches people at different times and activities. On average a consumer sees bus advertisements in different scenarios which is great for brand building. Bus is the most seen medium in town making it ideal for retail advertisers as the ads give consumers ideas and drive impulse purchases.

Some of the research I gathered regarding bus advertisement is that 80% of consumers freely acknowledge they have responded to a Bus advertisement than any other advertisement. Bus has a wide variety of advertising formats that can be chosen specifically for individual campaign objectives and deliver creative standout.

Billboards & Shopping malls

Billboards & Shopping malls

Billboard advertising is the buzz in the economic world. If you want to advertise your latest products, or be recognized for your state of the art services, advertising with billboards is the key to your success. No wonder many companies prefer advertising with the use of billboards over other means of making their products and services known to the public. Some of the reasons why billboards and shopping malls were used for advertising our product are billboards are one of those things that can easily catch your attention. Whether you are walking in the streets, or stuck in traffic, you can get hooked looking at their colourful display and what the advertiser has to offer.

Billboard advertising is the buzz in the economic world. If you want to advertise your latest products, or be recognised for your state of the art services, advertising with billboards is the key to your success. No wonder many companies prefer advertising with the use of billboards over other means of making their products and services known to the public.

However, research on the type of sound that will correspond with the video advertisement has also being embarked on to make sure that the sound or audio will match very well with the video so as to describe and pass the exact message clearly to the end users and the target audience.

The promotional posters

Promotional poster

Promotional poster
Promotional poster 2

Promotional poster 2


Promotional poster 1

Promotional poster 1


The company logo



During this week, the promotional posters were created. The reason I decided to create more than one promotional poster was simply because to let the consumers know that anybody can use our product either male or female and no matter their age.

The pictures above are the promotional posters. Some of the pictures are uploaded here beside the logo and the two promotional posters. The Facebook page was also created for Echo headphones product to be able to reach our customers to see some of our Echo headphones and to be able to comment on the product. The product has already been posted on the Facebook page and we are already getting positive and negative feedback and ideas from our beloved customers.

The creation of the storyboard for the video advertisement has also been put into consideration after watching several videos of other competitors and will be completed next week.